ANFIM's coffee grinders, in the heart of a good coffee.

With more than 50 years of experience, our company manufactures only and exclusively coffee grinders and coffee dosers, projected and built for professional usage.

Our machines are high quality, steady and simple in their maintenance and support.

During the preparation of an "espresso" coffee, the grinder has to turn the toasted grains into coffee powder in the softer and smoother way as possibile.

Thanks to the coffee grinders ANFIM you'll be able to obtain the ideal grinding for all the coffee blends.

Our products comprehends the Professional models:

  • Lusso
  • Super Lusso
  • Series Caimano
  • Caimano
  • Super Caimano
  • Caimano Special 450
  • Caimano Drogheria
  • New version On Demand - display
  • Tradizional square series - by request

(In a variety of versions for all needs in bars and cafés)

The Semiprofessional models:

  • Haus
  • Haus self
  • Best

(Ideal for homes, bars, restaurants or cafés\coffee shops for pure, gourmet, decaffeinated or special blends of coffee.)

In various versions, to meet every need, especially manufactured for bars and coffee-shops. The experience we acquired working with such bars and with coffee-roasting facilities has turned into   passion and into an art that every day we convey in our ANFIM Coffee-mills straight from the heart.

Therefore comes to life the present philosophy of the modern company ANFIM, resumed by the motto:

"ANFIM's - coffee grinders in the heart of a good coffee" ® All rights reserved.